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The Distalizer
Occlusal coverage discludes molars for free distal movement.  Full arch coverage provides solid anchorage for maximum molar distalization  without unwanted flaring of anterior teeth - no headgear necessary.  The Distalizer can distalize first and second molars at the same time.  The Unilateral Distalizer will distalize one side without affecting the other.
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Anterior Crowding of the upper or lower arch
The appliance is cut away from the buccal of the lower anterior teeth for best aesthetics.  The upper aligner can have a clear anterior labial guide or if lingual movement is desired a thin Hawley type labial bow.  A mushroom spring gently provides force from behind to uncrowd upper or lower teeth.
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Crossbite Corrector
Placement of the spring buccal or lingual gives the operator flexibility of correcting different types of crossbites. Occlusal coverage from the appliance itself frees up the occlusion, allowing rapid correction of the crossbite.
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