::How to Order

Thank you for choosing ClearAligner™ for your minor tooth movements. We think you will find ClearAligner™ a simple, comfortable, and aesthetic appliance. The dentist need only send a high quality model poured in dental stone and indicate on the prescription form the type of tooth movement needed. We hope you will enjoy your experience with ClearAligner™.

To order the ClearAligner:

1) Click on the image to print the order form (requires Adobe Reader, click here to install free reader)
2) Fill out the order form
3) Send order form with patient model to:

4839 SW 148th Ave. #248
Davie, Florida 33330

4) For your convience we have included two Return Labels.

  • This Return Label allows you to type in your return address in the PDF. Place cursor in the From box, enter your return information, print and adhere to envelope.

  • This Return Label allows you to use a stamp for your return address, print and adhere to envelope

If you have any questions please email us - or call us: 954-349-6788.

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