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  • Appliance is preloaded to begin distalizing molars slightly upon insertion.  If molar contacts are tight, separators may be placed prior to appliance delivery to facilitate positioning of the Distalizer spring interproximally for quicker distalization.
  • Next visit when slight space is available adjust spring down between bicuspid and molar near center of rotation of tooth for more translation and less tipping.
  • Spring should be activated to the distal buccal cusp of the molar to be distalized.  Appliance can be activated every 3 weeks.
  • Patient normally removes appliance for meals but patient can eat with the Distalizer at school, if needed, to prevent loss of the appliance.
  • If appliance is lost make an immediate Essix to preserve space gained until the Distalizer can be replaced.
  • Hold molar position after distalization with a Hayes-Nance or similar type of holding arch.
    • Light cured buccal buttons may have been added to the appliance for added retention.  Appliance is usually tight upon insertion. If Distalizer loosens with time, use as many or as few light cured buttons as necessary to retain the appliance.

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